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With 3 million players active at any given moment, Fortnite is one of the biggest titles in the ever-growing battle royale genre. But as big as it is, this game is vulnerable to common issues - the most annoying being Fortnite lagging. In most cases, a laggy connection could decide if you will have a big win or be crushed by other players.

The reason behind your Fortnite lag could range from being on a bad server to throttled bandwidth. Fortunately, these issues are something that could be fixed by using a Fortnite VPN. A VPN can help you out with server congestion issues while improving your overall speeds, keeping your ping and latency in check.

Apart from that, there could be issues with your settings or setup. A few simple steps, like updating your game to its latest version and tuning down its display settings, can fix most of that too.

We get how frustrating it might be if your Fortnite is always lagging. That is why, in this quick guide, we will explain how you can fix Fortnite lag problems using a VPN, along with answering some relevant questions.

So, while your gameplay is waiting for a smooth makeover, let’s get on with everything you might need to know about how to fix Fortnite lagging.

Why Is Fortnite So Laggy?

Fortnite could lag for a variety of reasons, ranging from slow Web connections to congested servers. There is no litmus test to point out what exactly might be causing the lag you’re experiencing. So, here are all the possible reasons your Fortnite session is lagging:

  • Slow Internet Connection: A fast Web connection is the most vital component for low-ping gameplay. If you often find yourself being killed during your battles, the issue could simply be your slow Internet speed.
  • ISP Throttling: Gamers who are making headway in new battles on their consoles or PCs often find out that their ISPs are throttling their connections, which could be the reason behind the Fortnite lag. Using a Fortnite VPN can quickly fix this.
  • Old Drivers: Your outdated network drivers or graphic drivers can lead to unnecessary Fortnite lags. It’s a good idea to double-check all your essential drivers for their latest versions. And if you find one behind the line, update it.
  • Insufficient Hardware Specs: It’s a no-brainer that Fortnite runs smoother on powerful hardware. Make sure your system meets the recommended hardware requirements for Fortnite to run at its optimum level.
  • Outdated Game Version: Since Fortnite is known for regular updates, it would be smart to check if you have the latest version installed. In our experience, updating both the drivers and the game could fix major bugs and lead to a smoother gameplay overall.

How to Fix Fortnite Lag with a VPN?

To fix any kind of Fortnite lag, you need to sign up for a VPN, download its software, and connect to a gaming-ready server. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Subscribe to a Fortnite-friendly VPN (we recommend ExpressVPN).
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your router or PC.
  3. Launch the VPN app and when prompted, log in using your credentials.
  4. Select a VPN server close to your nearby Fortnite server.
  5. You can now play Fortnite without lagging. That’s it!

Fix Fortnite Lag with ExpressVPN

How Can a VPN Help Fix Fortnite Lag?

A VPN helps fix Fortnite lag by rerouting your traffic, using a more efficient method than what your ISP uses, keeping your ping and latency under control.

A reliable gaming VPN gives access to thousands of servers to its users. So, you can get a fast connection regardless of your location. Additionally, the cross-platform availability of VPNs ensures you can access the low-ping servers across all your devices whenever you want.

Another way a VPN service can help is by hiding your online activities from your ISP. Doing this blocks your ISP from knowing you are using a lot of bandwidth. This takes any fear related to throttling and speed adjustment from your ISP out of the picture.

For in-depth recommendations, refer to our best Fortnite VPN guide. As we mentioned there, ExpressVPN is our top choice for Fortnite. Thanks to its 3,000 servers in 94 countries and military-grade security features right out of the box - it is fast, stable, and has everything that you might expect from a top gaming VPN.

How to Stop Lagging in Fortnite?

While most Fortnite lag issues can be fixed using a VPN, there are many components that might go unaddressed by an average player. Let’s discuss a few more fixes that you could try with or without a VPN service:

  • Install the Latest Game Patch: Fortnite is known for consistently releasing updates to fix bugs and overall game performance. The best way to download the latest patch is by heading either straight to Fortnite’s website or Steam launcher. Once the pending update is downloaded, install it to check if it fixes the lag issues.
  • Adjust Game Settings: A game like Fortnite works smoothly only when the display settings are adjusted as per the hardware’s specs. Go to Video Settings and adjust the following variables: display resolution, quality, view distance, shadows, textures, and effects - based on your hardware’s specs.
  • Update Graphics Card Driver and Network Driver: Corrupted and outdated drivers could be the other reason your Fortnite gameplay is lagging. The simple solution is to open your “Device Manager” and check for any pending updates for graphic and network drivers.
  • Change Performance Options in System Properties: Most gaming devices have the option to change their performance level to a mode that works best with gaming. The default mode is usually designed for casual tasks and to manage lower GPU and CPU temperatures. Switching the performance level to “Max” can have a significant positive effect on your Fortnite lag.

Why is Fortnite Lagging on Different Devices?

Fortnite is a popular game that’s available across many platforms. The consistent gameplay across devices makes it accessible to all, but the lags could be a turnoff for many. Here we are sharing a few ways to determine and fix the key issues on different platforms.

Why is Fortnite Laggy on Windows PC or Mac?

Lags are pretty common while gaming on desktops or laptops, especially if your hardware has a low-end configuration. That said, here are some of the most likely issues that cause Fortnite lags on your Windows PC and Mac:

  • High in-game ping;
  • Overcrowded Fortnite server;
  • Throttled bandwidth by ISP;
  • Your doesn’t meet the minimum hardware requirements.

Apart from the hardware mismatch, which can only be fixed by a suitable upgrade, the first three issues are fixable using a VPN service. A VPN can do that by accessing hundreds of servers worldwide while also encrypting your online data. This could easily save you from overcrowded servers and throttled bandwidth.

Why is Fortnite Laggy on Xbox or PlayStation?

Fortnite is as widely played on Xbox and PS4/PS5 consoles as it is on desktops. Thanks to its consistent experience, the gameplay doesn’t stutter on consoles as long as the following issues are resolved:

  • Slow connection speed;
  • Pending updates;
  • Congested servers;
  • Bandwidth throttling by ISP.

Similar to desktops, the first two steps are: checking for any pending updates and using a VPN service while playing Fortnite. Since gaming consoles do not natively support VPNs, you can use one by installing a VPN on a router. Doing so could cover all your connected devices and provide an extra layer of security alongside solving the listed issues.

Why is Fortnite Laggy on Android or iOS Phone/Tablet?

Android and iOS aren’t safe from Fortnite lags either. The game was originally designed for desktops and consoles, but Fortnite has done a fairly decent job adapting it for mobile devices. Again, the lags are due to the same issues that PC gamers face:

  • Hardware limitations;
  • Outdated game version;
  • Slow internet connections;
  • Overcrowded servers;
  • Bandwidth throttling.

As long as you have a sufficiently powerful device, you can use a VPN service to resolve connection-related issues. Of course, prior to installing a VPN, check for pending updates and try connecting to a different Fortnite server.

Final Thoughts

Fortnite lag issues could be a result of many variables. In this guide, we shared some recommendations that you can use to resolve the lags when and if you encounter them. That said, a reliable VPN service is the most effective way you can fix Fortnite lags. It may not be an end-to-all solution for all that goes wrong with Fortnite, but it definitely is a good place to start.

Undoubtedly, ExpressVPN is our #1 pick for Fortnite. With lightning-fast servers across 94 countries and privacy-focused essentials, this one is hard to beat. Most importantly, that’s the fastest VPN available today, as per our team’s tests, which is crucial for gaming.


Can I Play Fortnite with a VPN to Fix Lag?

Yes, you can fix lag in Fortnite by using a VPN. That’s because a VPN helps you route your data more efficiently, helping you reduce your ping and latency. Here’s how to use a VPN for gaming.

Why Do I Lag in Fortnite Even Though I Have Good Internet?

Yes, Fortnite may lag despite having a good Internet connection. This can happen because lagging can be due to a variety of reasons.

Apart from a bad connection, the following are the most common issues for Fortnite lagging - overcrowded game servers, bandwidth throttling, and insufficient hardware power.

How Do I Stop Fortnite PC from Lagging?

The easiest way to stop Fortnite on your PC from lagging is to use a VPN. However, not just about any VPN will do the job - as you need one optimized for gaming, like ExpressVPN.

Also, you’ll want to update your game, making sure you use the latest drives, as well as check if your PC has a special mode that can be used for gaming.

That’s all for our guide on how to fix Fortnite lagging issues. If you have any questions, let us know via the comments section below. Thank you for reading!


Why is my Fortnite so laggy now? ›

Fortnite is infamous for heavy lag – even when the internet connection is fine. There could be a lot of reasons why Fortnite is lagging but the most common one is your ISP throttling your internet. Other reasons might include improper routing, outdated drivers, an old version of the game, and many more.

How do I fix bad Fortnite connection? ›

Verifying your Fortnite game files may resolve this issue.
  1. Exit Fortnite.
  2. Open the Epic Games Launcher.
  3. Click on Library.
  4. Click on the three dots next to Fortnite.
  5. Click on Verify.
  6. Once the verification is finished launch Fortnite.

Is Fortnite broken right now? ›

Investigating - We are currently investigating this issue. No incidents reported. No incidents reported.

Why am I lagging with good internet? ›

A lagging game is often the result of high latency in your internet connection. This means it takes more time for data to transfer from your network to the server, and from the server back to your network.

How to stop lag? ›

  1. Check Your Internet Speed and Bandwidth. ...
  2. Aim for Low Latency. ...
  3. Move Closer to Your Router. ...
  4. Close Any Background Websites and Programs. ...
  5. Connect Your Device to Your Router via an Ethernet Cable. ...
  6. Play on a Local Server. ...
  7. Restart Your Router. ...
  8. Replace Your Router.

How do you play Fortnite smoothly? ›

Tip 2: Adjust in-game settings
  1. Set Window Mode to Fullscreen.
  2. Set Display Resolution to that of your computer screen.
  3. Set Frame Rate Limit to Unlimited.
  4. Set Quality to low or medium.
  5. Set View Distance to far or epic (optional)
  6. Set Shadows to off.
  7. Set Anti-Aliasing to off.
  8. Set Textures to low.
Dec 28, 2022

How do I turn Fortnite faster? ›

To sprint in Fortnite on PC, you'll want to press the left-hand shift button on your keyboard as your character is moving about. Hold down that button while you're moving your character and you should notice that they get a little bit speedier, which could give you a handy advantage on the battlefield.

Why is my Fortnite so Framey? ›

If you are running several background programs this may result in poorer performance in Fortnite. Check out our article here for how to disable these. If you notice your performance improved after you do this, then there are some programs taking up resources that Fortnite could use to run better.

How do I clean and reinstall Fortnite? ›

Manually remove and reinstall the game
  1. Close the Epic Games Launcher by right-clicking on the system tray icon and click on Exit.
  2. Locate the folder where you installed your game. ...
  3. Right-click on the game folder and click on Delete.
  4. Restart the Epic Games Launcher.
  5. Reinstall and try launching your game.

Why is Fortnite a problem? ›

Fortnite is a shooter game that's part of the battle royale game genre. Battle royale is combat among many players until only one remains. A 2022 study of Japanese students found that battle royale games were associated with aggressive feelings, a sense of underachievement, and gaming addiction.

Why is my internet bad when I play Fortnite? ›

If you're seeing packet loss, this indicates that there is a problem with your network connection and that you're losing data between your connection and the server. You will need to reach out to your internet service provider (ISP) who can help you troubleshoot your network connection.

Can you play Fortnite right now? ›

Current Fortnite status is UP.

How do you fix Fortnite on Xbox? ›

Why Is Fortnite Not Working On Xbox? [Issues and Fixes]
  1. Restart Fortnite.
  2. Restart Your Xbox.
  3. Check Your Internet Connection.
  4. Clear Cache.
  5. Factory Reset.
  6. Clear Local Save Data Files.
  7. Log In With a Different Account.
  8. Reinstall Fortnite.

Why is Fortnite asking for my birthday? ›

Why do we need your date of birth? We ask for your date of birth to help you have a safe and fun experience whatever your age.

How long is the Fortnite break? ›

Fortnite generally goes down for two or four hours before it comes back online with a new update. Depending on the rollout process, the servers can remain offline for longer periods, six-to-eight hours, but that only happens rarely, usually, when there's a game-breaking bug the Epic developers really need to fix.

Where is Fortnite servers located? ›

While we hope to expand our coverage in time, we currently have data centers in the following regions: North America: East, West, Central. Brazil. Europe.

How do I stop my game from lagging? ›

Check out these quick fixes for a lagging game—and get the gaming experience you deserve:
  1. Boost your Wi-Fi signal. ...
  2. Upgrade your internet speed. ...
  3. Upgrade your connection type. ...
  4. Use powerline or MoCA adapters. ...
  5. Reduce internet and bandwidth use for other programs. ...
  6. Review in-game settings. ...
  7. Secure your home network.
Apr 5, 2022

What causes gaming lag? ›

The most common causes for lagging in games are:

Not enough internet bandwidth. Problems with internet speed. Bad internet connection type. Problems with wireless internet.

Why is my ping good but I still lag? ›

If your ping and latency are sitting at reasonable levels and you are still experiencing lag, you may just have an unstable connection. This is where your device is disconnecting and reconnecting to your internet and causing something called 'packet loss'.

Why is my Fortnite stuttering so bad? ›

The Fortnite stuttering issue may occur if you're running some other applications or programs at the same time. So try restricting applications and downloads in the background before playing the game to see if this issue reappears.

Is Fortnite Chapter 4 laggy? ›

Fortnite Chapter 4 is so laggy that players have been complaining for well over a month now. What was supposed to be the next phase of the storyline has transformed into a "lag-fest" for some. While this may seem like an over exaggeration, it's not far from the truth.

How do I make Fortnite run better? ›

Tip 2: Adjust in-game settings
  1. Set Window Mode to Fullscreen.
  2. Set Display Resolution to that of your computer screen.
  3. Set Frame Rate Limit to Unlimited.
  4. Set Quality to low or medium.
  5. Set View Distance to far or epic (optional)
  6. Set Shadows to off.
  7. Set Anti-Aliasing to off.
  8. Set Textures to low.
Dec 28, 2022

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