Grammarly Hack: How to use Grammarly Premium for free (2023)

If you are writing and correcting using Grammarly free version, you might want to use its paid version for a better experience. In this post, I will guide you on creative Grammarly hacks by explaining the ways that you can get to use Grammarly premium version for free.

Read on and I will also advise you on the best free Grammarly alternatives if it does not work and a couple of FAQs on this topic.

To learn how to avoid it and get experts to proofread your papers, check our homework help services. To do it, read on. But first, what exactly is Grammarly and its premium version?

Well, Grammarly is a digital writing tool that uses machine learning and deep learning algorithms. It is one of my favorites as it is one of the best tools to check your grammar and plagiarism is Grammarly.

The premium level works well because it detects mistakes in writing. These mistakes include punctuation mistakes, spelling mistakes, style mistakes, and word choice. The algorithms help flag these mistakes and suggest the most suitable corrections based on the context of the writing.

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How to get Grammarly premium free

The 3 main Grammarly hacks to get premium for free are using its affiliate program, getting free Grammarly codes, and using its free premium trial version. While there are other methods these 3 are the most common for anyone.

Not everyone can afford the Grammarly premium subscriptions even when discounts are offered. There are several tried and tested methods that you can use to get Grammarly premium services for free. These methods are legal and safe and prevent you from consequences that come with illegal means.

1. Using Grammarly affiliate program to get free premium

To use this method, you need to apply for a Grammarly affiliate account. Not only is this method better than going for a premium Grammarly account but also it is a source of income. You are rewarded with a $25 bonus instantly if you become a Grammarly affiliate.

You get money also if people sign up for Grammarly using your banner. $0.20 reward for any created subscribing for a free Grammarly account and $20 for any Grammarly premium account created.

The process of becoming a Grammarly Affiliate
  • Sign up for an account by going to Grammarly affiliate page.
  • Enter the details of your website and the payment method. The payment method must be a direct bank transfer.
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  • It will take about 1-2 business days for your account to be verified and approved by Grammarly on which you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Reply the confirmation email to get the $25 instant bonus
  • Now you can log in using your account. There are over 120 templates on their website that you can choose a branding or a banner from. Download the picked template.
  • Together with the affiliate link, you can now upload the template on your blog.

This method guarantees you a Grammarly Premium Free account while you are earning big time on the process.

2. Using Grammarly premium codes

Grammarly distributes codes for certain recipients and programs. The codes are solely for educational purposes and are legal. Some codes are used in testing and in reviews to give Grammarly more exposure.

It is not specified for how long you can enjoy the codes but they guarantee 100% Grammarly-free services. Sign up for Grammarly and fill up your personal information including the code to start using free Grammarly Premium.

These codes can be found at Grammarly partner sites or educational institutions that Grammarly calls @Edu users.

Do these online Grammarly access code work?

Grammarly access codes usually work if they are genuine. However, most of them are not valid. The valid codes are usually provided by institutions or organizations. These institutions and organizations mostly deal with education and are within the Grammarly EDU service.

All you have to do is log in or create an account using the Grammarly enterprise website signup page. After signing up you can check a confirmation email in your inbox. Follow the link provided in the email to verify your account.

After verification, enter the access code provided by your institution. After completing this process, you can now enjoy Grammarly premium services in all products that Grammarly offers. This runs for as long as the institution wishes it to.

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3. Registering for a Grammarly free trial

The Grammarly free trial is not accessed through a straightforward free trial button on the Grammarly website as many expect. You have to complete some tasks to get the free trial period. To get the seven-day free trial you have to follow the following procedure.

  • First, you have to create a Grammarly account. Old accounts cannot be used. Sign out of your free account and relaunch it clearing the cache and cookies.
  • Prepare an email address and other signup credentials if you don’t have an account. If you have an existing account prepare another email address.
  • On the Grammarly sign up page fill in all the credentials that are required.
  • The welcome page prompts you to stick with the basic free plan or subscribe to the premium plan.
  • Click the button, “Get Grammarly Premium”
  • Select the monthly plan.
  • Choose the payment method that you prefer. Some usually ask why one should pay for a free trial. It is not paying; it is a formality. Grammarly has a one-week money-back guarantee. Before the end of the seven-day trial, you are likely to have evaluated the application very well and if it does not suit your needs you can ask for a full refund.
  • Complete the transaction and get your seven-day trial which you should mostly use to thoughtfully evaluate the product.

What you get with Grammarly Premium version and its costs

For the detection and correction of mistakes such as word choice, punctuation in complex sentences, closing punctuation, passive voice misuse, improper formatting, intricate texts, incomplete sentences, and monotonous sentences, you have to subscribe to the premium service.

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The premium service also detects plagiarism, analyses readability, explains grammar rules in detail, checks genre-specific writing styles, and accesses documents on various platforms.

Grammarly premium is always available in three plans. The first plan is monthly for $29.95. the next plan is quarterly for $ 59.95. selecting this saves you 33% of the total cost.

The last plan is the annual plan which is available for a payment of $139.95. This saves you 61% of the total cost required.

The Best free alternatives to Grammarly premium

There are several free alternatives to Grammarly, though they may not be as reliable as Grammarly, whether it’s the free version of its premium level. The alternatives to a Grammarly premium that you can use to correct mistakes in your writing. These include:

  1. ProWritingAid: This is suitable for every writer, offers free plans, available on chrome and firefox in windows and Mac devices.
  2. Ginge: Giger is suitable for multi-tasking users. It is cloud-hosted and is available for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox in Android, Mac, and iOS devices.
  3. Slick Write: It can be used by any type of writer. It is completely free, cloud-hosted with no browser extension. It can be accessed through Windows, Linux, and Web devices.
  4. WhiteSmoke: It is suitable for users who want to save time. It has is available for chrome in Windows, Android, and iOS devices.
  5. Slick Write: This is a free application that is powerful and makes it easy for you to correct grammatical errors and styling mistakes in documents. It is completely free and can be used by any type of writer. It is cloud-hosted with no browser extension.
  6. Turnitin: This is one of the best alternatives, but mostly works to check plagiarism. You can read my guide on Turnitin Self-Check to learn more about it.
  7. SentenceCheckup: This is a website that checks grammar mistakes in texts. It is easy to use. It does not require browser extension installation or user registration to use. All you have to do is to copy text and paste it on the website. all possible grammar mistakes, sentence structures, and fragments are highlighted after clicking the checkup button.

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Comparing Grammarly and Spell Check, which is better

In my experience and expert opinion, Grammarly is way better than Spell Check. Spell Check is a software that highlights misspelled words in a text and suggests the correct words to replace the words.

All you do is copy the text and paste it on Spell Check. The misspelled words will be highlighted in red. If you click on them the correct suggestions are displayed. Style and grammar errors are highlighted in yellow.

This is what the free version of Grammarly offers. With the Grammarly premium, you get more advanced corrections. It is the premium service that usually makes Grammarly better than other grammar-checking websites.

Is it worth paying for Grammarly premium?

For sure, it is worth paying for Grammarly premium if you are a writer. Human editing is not usually perfect. Even people with good English rules and a perfect grasp of grammar make small errors in writing.

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The Grammarly free version identifies spelling and grammar mistakes but does not do it all. The Grammarly premium identifies all spelling and grammar mistakes in your document. From our review, we concluded that Grammarly is worth it because it corrects both grammar and highlights plagiarism.

Other than that, you are provided with feedback explaining your mistakes in the context of your document. The premium service also provides tips that help improve your writing style. As it goes without saying, things that cost money are better than free things.

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Is there a cheaper version of Grammarly?

No, there is no cheaper version of Grammarly unless if you are talking about the free version. Grammarly is available in both the free version and the premium version.

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The premium version is usually available in subscriptions. It can either be monthly, quarterly, or yearly. This is a more reliable version, but Grammarly is safe despite the method you use, even the free one.

The free version does not provide many features compared to the premium service but still helps correct several mistakes

There are no other cheaper versions of the same online, but I do not recommend such. Some Grammarly hacks provide codes and claim that you can use them to access cheaper versions of Grammarly. I would say, do not try them.

FAQs on Free Grammarly Hacks

Does Grammarly steal your work?

According to the Grammarly privacy policy your data is not sold nor rented. Grammarly also does not review or monitor user content transferred through the site or stored in the software.

Your data can be reviewed if you violated the terms of service and confirmation is needed. Your data can also be viewed to abide by legal obligations such as court orders and responding to warrants.

In reality, your data can only be shared; if it is your request, if it is required by the law, if it is required to investigate a potential violation of Terms of Service, and if the data is required by our partner service providers to improve services.

What is better than Grammarly?

Grammarly is the best online grammar checking tool available. Though you are required to pay for premium services, the quality of the services cannot be questioned. All you can get is something cheaper than Grammarly and a bit similar.

The ProWritingAid app is packed with features such as vocabulary enhancers, plagiarism detection, grammar, and style checker among others.

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Why do students love Grammarly

Grammarly premium is one of the best grammar checkers that have played a big part in the provision of quality and flawless work. It is worth paying for. The services it offers fit the price.

Quality grammar mistakes free work can make a huge difference in your writing. Students getting better grades and websites ranking higher are a few of the benefits of quality writing.

Watch this video to learn more on this.

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